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  1. .. title: About me
  2. .. date: 2019-06-21
  3. .. status: published
  4. .. authors: Elijah Lazkani
  5. I am a DevOps engineer with a passion for technology, automation, Linux and OpenSource. I love learning new tricks and challenging myself with new tools being released on a monthly bases around *kubernetes* and/or *configuration management*. On my free time, I like to write automation tools and packages which can be found on PyPi. Or, I might as well tinker with new things around *kubernetes*. I blog about all that *here*. I think if I can write a blog about it, I understand it enough to have an opinion about it. It all comes in handy when the business need arises. I play around with technologies all day long by deploying, configuring, managing and maintaining all parts of the infrastructure below the application layer. I dabbled with "architecting" parts of different infrastructures, from end to end and I can say I have a knack for it and I like it when possible.
  6. Experience
  7. ==========
  8. Here's a quick and dirty list of some of the technologies I've had my hands dirty with.
  9. - **Neworking**: Configuring routers and switches (Brocade, CISCO, Dell).
  10. - **Infrastructure**: Finding, automating, deploying and managing infrastructure key services. Too many to mention.
  11. - **Virtualization**: Building infrastructures for virtualization (HyperV, libvirt, proxmox, RHEV, VMWare).
  12. - **Configuration Management**: Ansible, Chef, Puppet.
  13. - **CI/CD**: Gitlab-CI, Jenkins.
  14. - **Cloud**: AWS.
  15. - **Development**: Python packages for plugging in different technologies together for automation.
  16. - **Containers**: Docker and Kubernetes deployment, management and supporting team deployments.