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import os
import typing
import yaml
import logging.config
from .common import check_file
def setup_logging(default_path: str = None,
default_level: int = logging.ERROR,
env_key: str = 'LOG_CFG') -> typing.NoReturn:
Method that sets the logging system up.
:param default_path: The path to the logger configuration.
:param default_level: The default logging level (DEFAULT: ERROR)
:param env_key: The environment variable specifying the path to the
configuration file.
value = os.getenv(env_key, None)
path = None
if default_path:
path = check_file(default_path)
except FileNotFoundError:
path = None
if value:
path = check_file(value)
except FileNotFoundError:
path = None
if path:
with open(path, mode='r') as f:
config = yaml.safe_load(
_format = '%(asctime)s - %(levelname)s - %(filename)s:' \
'%(name)s.%(funcName)s:%(lineno)d - %(message)s'
logging.basicConfig(level=default_level, format=_format)